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Snorkeling in Huatulco

To practice Snorkelin in Huatulco, we have a Snorkel booth located in front of a beautiful coral reef where you can appreciate the immense biodiversity of marine fauna such as stingrays, octopuses and different colored fish. Ventura Beach is ideal to practice this sport, it is located in front of El Mexicano Restaurant.

The three most interesting sites for snorkeling in Huatulco are the San Agustín Bay, «La Entrega» beach and the Isla de Cacaluta, specifically the inland side of the island, where turtles can be found regularly. These three places have large coral plaques and a large amount of aquatic life in depths of 1 meter to 10 meters. Although in Cacaluta it is possible to find a slight current on the surface, in general these sites are well protected from the waves and are very calm. In La Entrega there are buoys marking the area to snorkel, then the boats and aquapots do not bother you. The easiest way to get to Cacaluta is by boat and La Entrega and San Agustín can be reached by sea or land, although San Agustín can be difficult by land (dirt road) in the rainy season. Other interesting bays and beaches for snorkeling include India, Maguey, Violin, Arrocito and the inner side of the island «La Montosa» in Tangolunda Bay.



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