BRISAS Huatulco
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Restaurants in Huatulco

Restaurants in Huatulco Within the important offer of restaurants in Huatulco, we will find the gastronomic options offered by Las Brisas hotel restaurants, each one is designed to satisfy the different culinary tastes of our guests, from a simple snak to an Italian specialty or a good and juicy one cut. Located near the main […]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Restaurant

Seafood pineapple

Seafood pineapple Dare to try the specialty in the gastronomic field of Huatulco, the pineapple with seafood, also known as filled pineapple, is a dish that has become a tradition in Huatulco to be always praised by tourists that is truly a different seasoning than usual . Pineapple with seafood Pineapple stuffed with seafood, tour of […]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Activities, Restaurant



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