BRISAS Huatulco
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What to do in Huatulco

Activities in Huatulco begin after staying at Las Brisas hotel, make yourself comfortable to visit our beaches and bays, perform multiple water and recreational activities. Here we suggest some activities to do in our beautiful beach destination: Sport fishing: One of the most important activities in Huatulco will take us to the best places to [...]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Activities, News

The 9 Huatulco bays

In the 9 bays of Huatulco, as is common in every place in Mexico, its places are full of life and festivity, but they also have various natural spaces suitable for rest, relaxation and contemplation. Its main attraction are its 9 bays and its 36 total beaches. The bays are named: Rabbits: has three beaches. […]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Activities, News



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