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Bedrooms Within the exuberant vegetation there are 484 magnificent rooms distributed in four beautiful villages: Mountains, Stars, Clouds and its exclusive section Mar. In a minimalist style, the rooms highlight a stunning view of the sea and the variety of vegetation as the best decorative painting, predominating in its areas the contemporary Mexican style, the […]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Bedrooms las brisas huatulco

Snorkeling in Huatulco

SNORKELING IN HUATULCO To practice Snorkelin in Huatulco, we have a Snorkel booth located in front of a beautiful coral reef where you can appreciate the immense biodiversity of marine fauna such as stingrays, octopuses and different colored fish. Ventura Beach is ideal to practice this sport, it is located in front of El Mexicano […]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Activities

Restaurants in Huatulco

Restaurants in Huatulco Within the important offer of restaurants in Huatulco, we will find the gastronomic options offered by Las Brisas hotel restaurants, each one is designed to satisfy the different culinary tastes of our guests, from a simple snak to an Italian specialty or a good and juicy one cut. Located near the main […]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Restaurant

What to do in Huatulco

Activities in Huatulco begin after staying at Las Brisas hotel, make yourself comfortable to visit our beaches and bays, perform multiple water and recreational activities. Here we suggest some activities to do in our beautiful beach destination: Sport fishing: One of the most important activities in Huatulco will take us to the best places to [...]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Activities, News

The «Bufadero» Huatulco

The bufadero is one of the natural wonders that you can discover in the bays of Huatulco. The Bufadero in Huatulco is recognized by the particular collision of the waves in a hidden cavern that in synchrony with the waves is filled with air and hitting the wave makes the water and air are violently […]

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Publicado en:21 junio, 2018  -  Activities



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